Engine Coolant Packages

Prochem distributes Fleetguard ready-to-use engine coolant packages.

We have specialised mine-compliant equipment to deliver bulk coolants directly to mine site bulk storage facilities throughout Central QLD and the Bowen Basin.

Fleetguard Coolant as an eco-friendly option for your vehicle’s coolant system. Our propylene glycol-based coolant is suitable for both light and heavy-duty diesel and petrol engines, giving you the peace of mind that your engine will be safe and reliable. It also meets environmental standards making it ideal for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Prochem maintains a supply of approximately 150,000 litres of ready to use engine coolant at the Paget facilities to ensure customer demand can be met at any time.

We have experienced technicians available to conduct site audits of your coolant management program to ensure it meets OEM specification.